The construction of the San Rafael Hotel began in 1945, and the inauguration ceremony was held on December 11, 1948.
With its impressive Tudor style, the San Rafael, which made the "Playa Brava" - the beach next to it - famous, opened an Eastward path for a resort that had remained until then within the limits of the Peninsula.
For over fifty years, the San Rafael Hotel has been not only an example of excellence but also a symbol of Punta del Este.
Located by the sea, between the dunes and the forests that surround it, the hotel rises majestically above the skyline of one of the most important residential areas of the resort.
Since its inauguration, the San Rafael Hotel has been visited by hundreds of celebrities coming to this country, and has been, and continues to be, the venue for very important events, such as the Meeting of Presidents of the Americas in 1967, GATT negotiations, OAS meetings, the Interparliamentary Congress in 1994 and many other events that have become milestones of the world's political history. The San Rafael Hotel has committed itself to a permanent search for excellence, always striving to offer its guests a happy, enjoyable and satisfactory stay.

At the San Rafael, nothing matters more than you.